UPDATE: Town Hall Meeting, RE: City Hall Building

Greetings Everyone,

David Herrington, our Economic Development Board Chair, has developed a “Summary of Scope Discussion Topic: City Hall Development“. We felt this will help clarify:

* The current situation in regard to the City Hall building
* The intention for holding a Town Hall Meeting
* The Basic Needs for our City Hall

I am attaching the SCOPE so that all of you can read it before the Town Hall Meeting to be held Thursday the 25th of June at 6:30 in the Community Center.

If you have any difficulty opening the attachment, please contact me at ciocathybennett@gmail.com.

This is a very important meeting for our Community and I encourage everyone to attend and to invite your neighbors to come. We would really appreciate everyone’s input.

If anyone would like to see first-hand the condition of the Emily Lane facility, please let me know and I will open it for you. Also, The final report that Dale Freeman, Chair of the City Hall Remediation Committee, developed is available at the office.

Thank you so much David for putting together such a comprehensive document.

Please be aware that we are currently in an emergency situation with our Streets, so our City Secretary, CD Woodrome is extremely busy. Please contact me or any other City Council Member directly if you have any questions. My number is: 409-429-6752.

See you Thursday,
Cathy Bennett


STREET UPDATE – June 19, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this to attempt to keep the community aware of what is going on, in this instance, with our streets.

• At the last City Council Meeting, we officially passed an “Emergency Declaration“, because of the extensive damage to our roads caused by the excessive rains up to that point.

• CD has been working diligently to compile a comprehensive damage assessment to submit to our Emergency Management Director, Dale Freeman.

• After Wednesday’s rain event, that assessment is almost useless due to the fact that now the situation is much, much worse.

• Wednesday, CD was out in the rain putting up barricades warning folks about areas that were impassable or where roads had to be completely closed because the road surface was totally washed out.

• We are aware of how dire the situation is and are addressing each situation and determining priorities. We are asking for your patience and cooperation. We need you to report damage – that is often the best way we have of being informed. Then, be patient with us as we are addressing the problems as quickly as we can.

• The rain event Wednesday was so bad that we were considering having to close Galahad Dam to traffic because it looked like the water might go over the road surface making crossing the dam dangerous.

• Here is where I would like to publicly thank Rusty Harrison for being out in the storm opening valves to keep the water from coming over the roadway, not only on Galahad but at Camelot Dam and Charmaine also. These things get done without us realizing how they get done. Thanks Rusty!

• The other individual who always goes above and beyond is of course, CD. I was with him Wednesday night at about 8 PM as we checked lake levels to see what needed to be done and I know that he was still planning on going out later to make sure the dam was safe to cross. Thanks, CD!

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your patience and cooperation!

Cathy Bennett