Happy Holidays

City Election for 2015 is history; Voters expressed confidence in returning Councilman Tommy Morris (who serves as Mayor Pro-Tem), Councilman Rowland Priddy, & Councilman Chuck Vonderlin to the City Council. Joining them on Council is David Herrington, elected to fill the position vacated by Jim Gremillion. During the swearing in ceremony officiated by City Judge Judith Haney, Mayor Cathy Bennett presented outgoing Councilman Gremillion with a well deserved Certificate of Appreciation for his service to the City, our residents and property owners from Nov. 2013 to Nov. 2015. Incoming Councilman Herrington brings considerable expertise as a business professional, and will be working on the City Comprehensive Plan and Economic Development.

The recent rains were welcome and resulted in the Burn Ban being lifted. The heavy rains were not welcome since the washing caused damage to city streets that will result in additional expense to repair. The runoff from the rains naturally flows into the lakes, and that has resulted in our Supervisor of Dams having to open the gate valves to move the excessive water from Lake Galahad, Lake Tristan and Lake Charmaine.

The reason is the re-caulking of the expansion joints on Lake Charmaine spillway. The SikaFlex caulking that was applied a year ago has exhibited cracking in the joints. The Supervisor of Dams investigated a replacement caulk material as suggested by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Dam Safety & Maintenance Division. The contractor will remove the failing caulk under warranty, and apply the new caulk only charging the city for the cost of the material. That work is scheduled as soon as we have sufficiently dry surface in the spillway, and the temperature is above 54 degrees.

Durwood Project: Negotiations between the City, the Contractor and the State Dept. of Agriculture (TDA) relating to bring-ing the cost of the Durwood Street Improvement Project within the available grant funds is finally nearing completion. The TDA Board is reviewing the proposed changes within the requirements of Federal Housing & Urban Development criteria to make sure the City will get the Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) already awarded. Although it has been a delay on the administrative side, the contractor will not be able to work the project until warm weather returns. The $275,000 project must be completed by mid-October 2016.

Our FEMA flood disaster recovery project is nearing the construction phase. Three construction companies submitted bids: Timberlakes Construction, Kirkpatrick Construction and Crockett Construction. After review by the city’s Consultant/Engineer, Council went with his recommendation and awarded the bid to Crockett Construction for $817,305. The city portion of the recovery project is 25%, with FEMA covering the other 75%. The project is expected to take two years or longer based on the cash flow availability of city funds. Note: the majority of the work being done under both the CDBG and the FEMA projects will utilize tax dollars that are paid to the Federal Government, leaving more of our local tax dollars for the regular operations of the city.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving will be celebrated with the Civic Club hosting a Thanksgiving meal on Nov. 18th at noon in the Community Center. The $7 cost helps the Club with expenses for the Holiday baskets to help the less fortunate in our community.

The BIG COMMUNITY EVENT will be the SECOND ANNUAL BOAT PARADE scheduled for the evening of Dec. 5th beginning at 6:30 PM. The decorated boats will congregate around Tommy Morris’ dock no later than 6:15 in order to line up and be ready by 6:30. We will have a transmitter at the community center so that we can have Christmas Carols played simultaneously from the shore, on our boats and on our docks, so be sure and have your radios ready to tune in and let’s all join in the caroling together! Santa will be coming and visiting with everyone as the parade continues around the lake. Pictures with Santa will be available. Of course we will have wassail and cookies (please bring cookies) for everyone!! The boat drivers are en-couraged to come to the community center to join in the fun after the parade.

This is a wonderful way to kick-off the Christmas Season!