Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s celebration!

There is a lot going on here in Ivanhoe and we are thrilled about it all! In order to keep you informed and to get your input, we will be holding a Town Hall Meeting the 7th at 10 AM. A few of the things we will be talking about are:

– Comprehensive Plan being developed in conjunction with Texas A & M.
– High-speed internet.
– Our new City Marshal and our Municipal Court and our Judge.

It is important for us to get input from the members of our community, so please be sure and come. There will be a special time after the meeting to meet and greet both our City Marshall, Terry Riley; and our Municipal Judge, Judith Haney. We will have coffee, tea, etc. and if you can, bring some cookies or something to show them our appreciation.

We had a Special Meeting of City Council this past Friday and the decision was made to purchase a Mini-Ex, a Dump Trailer, a Blower and a Vibrator. Acquiring this equipment will enable us to begin doing our own pot-hole patching, culvert installation and ditch work.

The tractor we purchased has already paid for itself since we were able to do our own mowing, etc. and our right-of-ways are looking so much better! We are grateful to Michael Webb for the great job he is doing and to Cory Stark and Brian (our worker from Work-Force Solutions) for keeping everything weed-eated, trimmed and trash picked up.

FYI – Ivanhoe resident, Kimberly Walker Murray, has agreed to represent Ivanhoe on the Chamber of Commerce. We would like to welcome her to the team and thank her for her willingness to serve the city in this capacity.

I cannot say enough about all of the folks who have been so supportive and helpful in so many ways. We really have reason to be very grateful!

In closing, I wish you all the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!

Your Mayor,
Cathy Bennett