Greetings Everyone!

As I mentioned in my last month’s letter to you, we have entered into an exclusive franchise agreement with Local Sanitation (409) 224-1780) for trash pick-up. Since there have been numerous questions regarding this, we have posted more details on an insert in the newsletter.

One thing that I would like to make clear to everyone is that we did hold a Town Hall Meeting to explain the idea to everyone and get input from our citizens. We hold these Town Hall Meetings to get your input. It provides a forum for open discussion between Council and citizens. Please be sure and attend when you see one posted.

The tower has arrived for the high speed internet and is currently being installed on the fire station grounds. Cypher Connect will be providing the service which will finally provide us with unlimited data.

Our own Lakeside Theater Company’s first production of “Dead to the Last Drop” has received rave reviews. This one was posted on Facebook by Jim Spencer:

Dr. Tracy Spencer and I went to the first Lakeside Theater Company production of “Dead to the Last Drop” last night. It was GREAT and it was packed, despite the weather!!! A special thanks to all of the people involved and Mayor Cathy Bennett for bringing us something else to look forward to. I highly recommend attending future productions. -Jim Spencer

We are really proud of the production and encourage everyone to attend future plays we have in the works.

As always, I would like to see all of you at our meetings so that you can be informed about what is going on in our community.

See you soon,
Cathy Bennett