Hi Everyone

Once again we have been battered by another rain event which has damaged our roads even more. We received approximately 10 inches of rain in a 16-hour period, and water topped not only our concrete dams but also came over our emergency spillways on our other lakes. This amount of rain plays havoc on our streets. We ask for your patience as we work on repairs. Also, we would ask that you call our Public Works Coordinator, David Marshall to report issues/make inquiries – 409-550-9498.

As everyone knows by now, we acquired a dump truck which has enabled us to schedule the purchase of material and transport material to our job sites without having to be subject to someone else’s schedule or truck availability, not to mention not having to pay the $55 per hour for the use of one. This is actually saving us money and allowing us to work faster and more efficiently.

We have scheduled a workshop for Thursday evening the 5th of April to discuss adjusting the proposed map for the Bond Election and to address questions that arose from the first Town Hall Meeting. We are hoping that folks can attend in order to get up-to-date accurate information.

Also, on the same evening we are going to look at the purchase of a maintainer so that we can work more efficiently on our dirt roads.

There has been criticism regarding our acquiring equipment, but it is always less costly if you are able to do your own work and not have to pay someone overhead. The other issue with us is being able to be in control of scheduling. The blessing we have now is that David Marshall is not only certified to operate the maintainer, he is also able to train operators. This is huge for us.

We currently have 4 workers on the road crew, two of which are being paid through Work Force Solutions. We also have a new member of our office staff, Malaise Taylor, through the same program.

Mallisie and CD are working together on the FEMA claims for both Harvey and the 2015 flood event. As mentioned earlier, we have been battered by weather events and do not have the funds to do all the work necessary but are doing what we can to get assistance.

We do hope everyone will come out for the upcoming meetings and for the next Town Hall Meeting the 21st of April. We also encourage everyone to come in and ask questions. We are available.

Hope to see you soon,
Cathy Bennett