June 13

Hi Everyone!

One of the main things I wanted to tell you about this month was an economic advisor who will be visiting Ivanhoe in July. This is through a grant program that Lonnie Hunt, the Executive Director of DETCOG told us about. Here is the letter that he wrote to me and to the coordinator of the program:

Louise and Cathy,

I’d like to take this opportunity to connect the two of you.

Louise Anderson is coordinating a program through the International Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) whereby professional economic development specialists volunteer a week of their time to come and work with local communities that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Cathy Bennett is the Mayor of the City of Ivanhoe in Tyler County, Texas. Ivanhoe was impacted by Hurricane Harvey and is within the Presidential Disaster Declaration area.

Ivanhoe faces some very unique challenges. It is a fairly new city of about 1,500 residents with very little commercial tax base. It was originally developed years ago as a residential/resort community. They are in great need of economic development. And they realize it and are eager to begin work to make things happen – they just need help getting a game plan that will lead to success.

Louise, would you please reach out to Mayor Bennett at coicathybennett@gmail.com and get whatever information you need from her to see if you are able to place an IEDC volunteer in the City of Ivanhoe?

Please let me know whatever else I can do to assist in this process.


We have been in communication with the person who will be coming here and she has asked numerous questions regarding our city, some of which we will be turning to you, the residents, to help us answer. We will be posting these questions on the website, sending emails and asking that you repost to the various Facebook pages. Everyone’s input is important so we look forward to hearing from you.

On another note, it has been decided that the Golf Cart Parade, normally scheduled on the same day as our Fireworks display, will be canceled this year due to so many of us dealing with health issues in our families. We hope to resume it for next year.

Finally, we invite you to come to our City Council Meetings which are held the second Thursday of each month. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and to be informed about what is going on in your city.

Hope to see you there!
Cathy Bennett

Inquiry Into Harvey Damage

As many of you may know, the City has applied for assistance with infrastructure repair due to Hurricane Harvey damage.

What we have recently found out is that there was more damage to homes here in Ivanhoe than we realized. Since individuals report damage to either their insurance companies or ask for assistance through FEMA and not through the City, we are not made
aware of the amount of damage.

Since damage to homes is a major priority for funding, it would benefit us to know how many homes were affected by the Hurricane. This could help us in our quest for assistance in
addressing the need for improved drainage.

If you would please let us know if your home was one of the ones affected, it would certainly help. Please send us an email or give us a call. This information can be valuable to our community.