Aug. 8

FIRST: As many of you know already we had a visit from Economic Adviser, Courtney Zaugg last week. This was through a grant at no cost to us. She actually volunteered her time. She brought ideas to the table and gave us things to think about and do.

She has not yet submitted her final report and she still has the survey up on the FB pages and our website. She asked me to remind you that if you have not yet done so, to please take a little time and answer the survey questions. Your voice/opinion is important. All responses are totally confidential. Your name does not appear anywhere.

SECOND: TAN Healthcare will be here at the Community Center the 10th and the 14th to sign people up for the program and/or make appointments to see their Nurse Practitioner.

They will be utilizing the Sub-Station at the entrance to Ivanhoe for their monthly visits. If the demand is there, they will add days.

This is a great benefit to our community. Anyone is able to take advantage of the service, even if you do not have insurance.

They have requested that you bring the following:
– If you have insurance, bring your card along with your picture ID.
– If you do not have insurance, bring proof of address and proof of income along with your picture ID.
– If you have questions please call: 409-550-1067.