Warning! Danger! Beware!

A holiday weekend is coming up and we will be having an influx of people here in Ivanhoe enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

If you decide to go out walking or riding on your golf cart, please do not go near the 200 block of Sir Henry Dr.

A court order has been issued for the removal/disposal of between 30-50 unvaccinated dogs. The owner of these animals has been bitten and is very concerned about them attacking someone else.

The City and the Court have been reaching out to many different organizations/sources to seek help in disposing of these un-adoptable animals. On two previous occasions, the Houston SPCA has come out to Ivanhoe to remove dogs from the same location but we have been informed that they cannot assist us with the current situation.

Sadly there is no animal control program in Tyler County and we certainly do not have the budget to maintain one here in Ivanhoe. We are still attempting to find a humane solution to this huge problem but in the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR THIS LOCATION!

This has become a health and safety issue that has to be dealt with and we will be moving as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.


The City of Ivanhoe is giving notice of the City’s intent to submit Texas Community Development Block Grant Program grant applications for a 2019 Fire, Ambulance, Service Truck (FAST) Fund grant request of $192,080 for the purchase of a Fire Truck in the City of Ivanhoe. The application is available for review at the Ivanhoe City Hall during regular business hours. Para obtener una copia en espanol, comuníquese con Mayor Cathy Bennett al 409-283-3299.