Reminder from Our City Marshal’s Office:

If you have an emergency/urgent situation, please dial 911. DO NOT CALL THE CITY MARSHAL’S OFFICE. You will get the help you need much more rapidly if you call 911. If our Marshal or his Deputies are on duty, they will be notified immediately by the Dispatcher. If they are not, the Dispatcher will send a County Deputy. Remember, due to limited funds, we do not have our City Marshal/Deputies on duty full time.
If your situation is not an emergency, call the Marshal’s office at 409-283-2223. If no one is there, leave a message and your call will be returned.

Monthly Council Meeting Date Change:

Most of the City Council members are retired and wish to enjoy some of the benefits of retirement, including time to travel and have a life outside of serving the citizen’s of Ivanhoe. Due to vacation schedules of several members of the Council, the regular monthly meeting date has been changed from June 13th because of a lack of a quorum needed to conduct the meeting. The June Council meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, June 27th.

4th of July Plans:

With the 4th of July falling on a Thursday this year, the Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting the hot dog and hamburger fundraiser on Saturday, July 6th from 3 to 5:30 PM. Later in the evening (just after dusk) will be the awesome fireworks display over the lake by the Community Center. Be aware that parking is limited around the Community Center. Additional parking is available around the Charmaine Dam park across the dam from the Community Center. Also be aware that traffic across the dam will be shut down approximately an hour before the fireworks begin in order for the Fire Dept. to get the fireworks and equipment set up. The roadway will remain closed until about 30 minutes after the fireworks while the equipment is removed. Access to the park during that time will be via Charmaine South and Durwood coming around Lake Charmaine from Lakewood.

Mowing and Other Public Works Activities:

Our Public Works crew has begun the mowing of street right of way. The crew places signs informing the driving public of mowing and other street maintenance work underway. Sadly, some drivers have not paid attention to the signs to reduce speed. They have been ticketed. When speeding in a construction zone and ticketed, fines are doubled. On the rare occasion when a street must be closed for maintenance work, there is usually a secondary route around the work and the crew will provide directions. Please bear with the city workers, it may be inconvenient for a brief spell, but the work is to provide a safe travel surface for our drivers.