Parks & Lakes:

The Ivanhoe Property Owners Association owns and manages the Parks and Lakes within the City of Ivanhoe. Which means those areas are private property. In order to have access to the parks and lakes, you must be a property owner in Ivanhoe and pay the fee(s) that the Property Owners Association assesses in order to maintain the facilities. Failure to do so will result in a trespassing citation. The City Marshal and Deputies are law enforcement officers and they do write tickets, including for trespassing on private property. Property owners can arrange guest passes for their guests who wish to use the parks and lakes.

Safe and Fun Times:

The City Hall is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5, and on Saturday from 8 to noon. If you have questions or concerns you can call 409-283-3299 to reach the staff. The City Council and staff wish you an enjoyable and safe summer season.