2020 – News & Updates Archives

Update: Jan. 4

Due to a lack of a quorum for the regular Council meeting in January on the second Thursday of the month (January 9th), Mayor Bennett has postponed the regular meeting to Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 6:30 PM.

Update:  March 17

Yesterday afternoon, Tyler County Judge, Jacques Blanchette, issued an EMERGENCY ORDER ceasing activities/gatherings of more than 50 persons in any county-owned facilities. 

This emergency order is in effect for thirty days from the effective date of March 16th, 2020 and may be extended as needed. 

Last Friday, March 15th, Marian Blackstone, President of the Ivanhoe Property Owners Improvement Association and I, Cathy Bennett, Mayor of Ivanhoe, jointly made the decision to curtail any events in the Ivanhoe Community Center sponsored by the City or by the Property Owners Association until further notice. 

As Mayor of the City of Ivanhoe, I have made the decision to also issue an official Emergency Order for our City which deals with the use of the City’s facility which you will find attached.

Thank you,
Cathy Bennett

Update: March 20

An emergency meeting of the Ivanhoe City Council was held March 20, at 5 PM to discuss and adopt both a DECLARATION OF LOCAL DISASTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY and an AMENDED EMERGENCY ORDER. 

The orders that Ivanhoe adopted are the same as those of Tyler County that were adopted the day before and actually are reflective of the orders that have come down from the State.

We are asking for everyone’s cooperation in this time of national crisis. 


It is hereby ORDERED that a twenty-four (24) hour curfew shall be in place immediately throughout the City of Ivanhoe for all individuals under the age of 18 who are:

  1. not in school;
  2. not accompanied by school personnel, a parent or guardian; or
  3. not going directly to their place of employment or going directly home from that place employment.

It also includes fines of up to $500 for violation of the order. Anyone violating the order will receive a written warning for the first offense and will be fined the full amount for any subsequent violation. 

Please click here for
Amended Emergency Order.

Please click here for
Declaration of Local Disaster
For Public Health Emergency

Update:  March 24

Please click here for
County Executive Order – 3/24/2020